Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Teaching with Technology: Buzzwords 101

It seems like everyday there is a new buzzword being thrown around in the educational world and the influx of educational technology is only making for more terms to keep track of. Here I’ll break down some of the top buzz words for anyone wanting to learn more about a flipped classroom. 

Flipped classroom: a traditional flipped classroom means students watch a video lesson for homework and then complete more traditional homework (example: practice problems) in class with the teacher available for support

Modified flipped classroom: a modified flipped classroom takes the basic premise of a flipped classroom and modifies it in someway; for example students may watch video lessons during class time (in-class flip) as part of a workshop model

1:1 this simply means that the school has provided one device per student in the classroom

Blended learning: combines online learning with classroom (face-to-face) learning

Adaptive learning: a software that adapts content and pacing for students based on their individual knowledge or needs

As always in education, we tend to overcomplicate things. You may find that you have a blended classroom without even realizing! Are you curious how to incorporate video lessons into your blended classroom? Check out my flipped classroom quick start guide - it will walk you through all the steps you need to start flipping some of your lessons. This can be a powerful tool, even if you only use it on occasion. Grab the guide below:

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