Sunday, September 18, 2016

Engagement Strategies: Freeze!

Welcome to my blog series on quick & easy engagement strategies that can be used for any lesson, starting tomorrow! Missed out on the previous posts? Start here.

Engagement strategy #3 is freeze!

What is it: In this strategy, play a song. While the music is playing, students are walking. Pause the song - students have to get with a person close to them and freeze.

How to use it: When the music pauses students get with a person close to them and freeze. Then pose a question for them to answer or discuss. Give them time to answer, then play the music again. When the music starts, they start walking. Repeat as desired!

How I used it this year: We've used this strategy a few times as a reflection at the end of math workshop. When the music stops and the students pair up, I would put a number up on the board (ex: 4,892,319,490) and they would both read the number to each other. Then I would call on one student to read it aloud for the class. Then I'd hit play and the kids would start walking again. We repeated a few times - as much as we had time for.

Why it works: Music makes everyone happy! Especially when you play a popular song that the kids like. The kids are moving which helps with their engagement. They also love the anticipation of not knowing when the song will pause - it gives the activity a game-like feel.

Bonus tip: If you have access to YouTube at school, use it to pull up practically any song for free. You can also search for kidzbop if you're worried about the lyrics. I used Happy and Can't Stop the Feeling because I like those songs. Make sure you stress the importance of walking - if they start running, they have to sit out.

Your turn! Comment below how you've used this strategy. 

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