Sunday, November 1, 2015

Rounding on a Number Line

Last month I wrote a post about how my kids were using the Number Line app to help with rounding - you can check out the post here.

Using an app is always a great way to give kids practice with math concepts, but it does not replace the time they need with concrete, hands-on materials. I really try to stick true to the process of concrete--> pictorial --> abstract. The number line app was pictorial practice for the kids.

I made sure to give them some concrete experiences during our guided math lessons on rounding.

I started my guided math lessons by activating their prior knowledge on rounding. They played a matching game with smaller numbers. They worked together to find all the matches.  This got them talking and thinking about rounding.

Next, we spent some time working through a guided practice page together, using a number line in a clear sheet protector and a counter.

We read through the problems together and then used the number line to help us round. The number we were rounding went on top and then we set up our number line, depending on the place we were rounding to. Finally, we placed the counter on the number line to represent where our original number would go.

This was a lot more difficult for some students than I was anticipating. They really struggled to figure out what numbers should go on the number line, and they also had trouble placing the counter. You can see that student had the counter much closer to 15,000 than it should be.

After lots of discussion, we would then slide the counter over to the number it would round to.

Finally, they had to do a few problems on their own for me to check for understanding.

If you're interested in using these ideas in your classroom, you can download my Guided Math Plans for Rounding Whole Numbers - it's available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store