Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tour My Classroom!

After a GREAT Meet the Teacher night, I'm ready to reveal my classroom!

Here is the view from the back corner. The desks were all set up for Meet the Teacher Night. The paper fans hanging from the ceiling have my table numbers. The book boxes above the hooks will house my switch class students' folders and journals. 

This is looking in from the door. In the back corner is my teaching area. On the front board are the learning targets and an "I'm Finished" board. Hanging over the side door are our thinking maps (graphic organizers). The white cart in front of that board is where our ipads will go. 

My favorite part of our classroom - the garden view! A nice place for students to work and soak in the sunshine. The iPad cart is to the right of the window and the sink is to the left. 

This bulletin board will be home to fantastic work from my kiddos. The books are ones we will read at the beginning of the year and books that connect to our first unit in math - place value! Underneath the table is a crate that houses our floor cushions. 

Calendar area and extra supplies for students. On the top of the shelf is a frame that says "Today is my birthday!", special birthday pencils and birthday QR codes. When it's a student's birthday they will get to keep the frame on their desk, get a pencil and pick a QR code. 

My cabinets with my wonderful 8 Kinds of Smart posters from Two Nutty Teachers. You can get them here. Stay tuned to see how we use these the first week of school. The numbered bins will hold my students' extra supplies. The other shelves are for class materials and manipulatives. 

My teacher corner houses my small group materials, organizational binders, laptop and projector and supplies in my made over organizer. On the wall are two of my favorite things. Our Sink or Swim poster is used to help kids' self-assess their understanding. The paper with the clothespins is kind of hard to see, but it's our Special Seats board. I have 7 fun seats in the room (beach chairs, bean bag, director chair, floor cushions). They are written on the clothespins. Each day I move the clothespin to the next number on the poster. Whoever's number it's on gets to sit in the seat that day. Made my life so much easier!

Hope you enjoyed my room - the kids come Monday! I can't wait to see the room filled with all their smiling faces. Happy new school year!

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