Sunday, August 2, 2020

Blended Math Workshop

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about what math workshop will look like this year. Is it even possible? There are still so many unknowns, even as the start of the school year quickly approaches.

For my school, the *current* plan (seems to change by the day) is to start the year virtual for 3 weeks and then offer both in-person and virtual learning. Parents will choose the model they want for each 9-week grading period. 

In-person learning will also look very different with students staying apart from each other, no sharing of materials, and wearing masks all day. 

While I am certainly no expert in how to teach in a socially distanced classroom or an entirely virtual one, the blended workshop model I’ve been using for years (which includes video lessons) makes this challenge a little less overwhelming. 

Click below to watch my video where I discuss my typical blended workshop model along with thoughts and ideas for the current school year. 

After you watch, leave a comment with what your year will look like and your biggest challenges with incorporating math workshop.

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