Sunday, September 29, 2019

Launching Math Workshop Part 4

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Read on to find out what day 4 of math workshop looks like
{and get a sample set of Google Slides}

By day 4, I'm just excited that I've made it to the end of the first week! I'm also amazed by how well my kids are doing with math workshop. The structure is very different than what they're used to and there's a lot for them to figure out.

Day 4 is all about creating workshop rules & becoming independent.

Before the kids start working, we add to our anchor chart with our math workshop rules. The class helps decide on the rules based on their experiences throughout the week. 

Once we've reviewed the rules and the structure of math workshop, I have the kids hold up a number to show me what slide they are on in our Google Slides. (Wondering what I mean by Google Slides? Check out this post).

Then we spend the rest of the time working on finishing up the activities. 

At this point, I am still just walking around monitoring students, troubleshooting, and helping with the content. 

I do try to always guide students back to reading the directions when they have questions. I want to foster independence so they’ll be ready when I start pulling my groups in a few weeks. 

That ends my week of launching math workshop! Over the next couple of weeks I'll be reinforcing routines with students and helping them understand where and how to turn their work in. By the 3rd week, I'll start pulling my guided math groups. 

Want to try it out in your class? You can grab a free sample of my most popular set of activities for place value - Compare & Order numbers

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