Sunday, August 11, 2019

Math Workshop: Using a Flipped Lesson Model

When I started using math workshop one of my biggest challenges was keeping a mini-lesson mini. Some kids needed me to go slow because they’re slow writers. Other kids write fast and get bored waiting for classmates to finish their notes. I’d inevitably have to stop to redirect behavior during the mini-lesson and before we knew it that 5 minute lesson had turned into 25 minutes. Cue video lessons.

I use a flipped classroom model for my 4th grade math workshop. However, I do it a little differently than other flipped classrooms because my students watch the videos in class as part of their math workshop activities. This eliminates any issues of students not having access to technology at home or forgetting to do the homework. 

All of the students start workshop by watching a video lesson that I have previously recorded. They have an anchor chart they have to fill out as they watch the video. I've been using a screen capturing app (Doceri) on my ipad to record the videos. They're pretty basic - it's what I used to do whole class. For each video there's an anchor chart for the kids to fill out. They glue these into their journals. After the video, the kids have different activities to work on. 

Not only has this flipped method help me keep my mini-lessons mini, it has created even more time to pull small groups. I can start pulling groups right away - in fact I usually pull my lower group first, before they even watch the video. I can preteach the lesson and it’s quiet because the other kids are all watching the video independently. 

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