Monday, April 20, 2015

Test prep can be fun!

Testing season can be extremely stressful for both the students and the teachers! This year with our new math standards I felt like there was SO much that I needed to review with my kids.

We spent 3 days playing review games to review some math skills. I tried to focus on the standards that will appear the most on the test (in Texas, we have readiness standards) and on skills that lend themselves well to a game.

I put the kids into mixed ability groups and they rotated through 6 different stations. They did 2 stations each day. I walked around and helped kids/took note of who needed to review with me later.

The kids did a great job with the games! I did give them a warning that if they got in trouble, they'd have to do problems out of the book instead of play the games : )

Station 1:
Multiplication Board Game

You can download it for free here

Station 2:
Decimals Board Game - reviewing addition & subtraction with decimals

Station 3:
Long Division Board Game
Station 4:
Fraction war - I have these cards that have fractions with a picture on them, so the kids like to play war to practice comparing fractions.

Station 5:
Spiral Card Game - I got this great free game from Functional Fun on TPT to help the kids practice converting mixed numbers and improper fractions
You can get it for free here

Station 6:
Computer Station - I rarely let the kids just "play" on the laptops or ipads. We have 3 laptops in the classroom, so the kids used to play some fun games on fractions.
I let them choose from any of the fraction and decimal games on math playground

Such a fun way to review some important skills! How do you help your kids review for testing? Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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